About Us

indiafacility.com Founded in 19-8-2017

Founder Mr.Ashwani Kumar.

indiafacility.com Based on collect all talented peoples on one platforms in India. We are a Network marketplace for local & world based services. We are collect Service Provider Profile Like Driver , plumber , Photographer etc.... which is give better service . people can hire Sevice provider according to own needs from Here.

How It born

To know why and how. we will go few years back. When one of friend need to get some help to do his work, And he need talented and professional person who know his / her work around his city. After that i started thinking. How we can get all talented Peoples at one place and can call anyone of them when people needs them. Yup, this is how we want to do and after lot of hard work and time and money .... we came up with this plateform where people will give service to people :) It's all start with you This plateform contains real data of Talented and Professional peoples and covered vast no of categories. We are trying to collect real information. whenever you need to hire professional than you will select one who is perfectly match with your retirement.