Change Password

1. Top right header you will see your small profile pic and name. There is an arrow icon.
2. Clicking on arrow icon brings the popup and you will see setting option present in popup. Click on Setting Option will open Setting page
3. Left Side, You will see a list of page Name including Change Password. Click on Change Password Link.
4. You are on change password page.

Next Step
1. You know your current password
    If you know your current password, you can change it. When you create a new password, make sure it's at least             
    6 characters long and uses a combination of numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters and punctuation to make it strong.
    Avoid including your name or common words. Your password should difficult to guess.
2. You forgot your current password.
    Do not worry. We made a simple way to change password when u forgot your current password. Just click on "Forgot My Password" Button present on change       Password.
    Another page forgot password opens. Just enter your email address. and click on submit. A change password link sent to your email. Link is valid for 2 hour.