Messaging lets you instantly reach people you care about. You can send your friends photos, attachments to your friends.
Top Header, There is an icon of Message, clicking on Message icon opens a popup. This popup have your latest message listed. There is Link "See all in messenger". Click on it. Message Page will open
1. Adding new Friend to chat.
    (i) Click on "+" icon present left side : Opens a new popup "Start a new conversation"
    (ii) Enter name of friend with whom you want to chat
    (iii) Enter message
    (iv) Click on send.
    (v) Your conversation started with your friend.
2. Sending Message
    (i) On Message Page, Check out list of friend listed left side. Click on one whom you are going to send message. you will see right message area is change to that     selected friend message.
    (ii) Now start messaging :)
3. Sending Image into Message
    (i) while typing text message, you can also send image(s). There is "Camera" icon present into TextBox where you typing message.
    (ii) Click on "Camera" icon. will lest you choose image from your computer / Mobile.