What Is Earn Money On Indiafacility

Earn money is a Affiliation system on Indiafacility

How it works

Our Affiliation is as simple as we can. It has few steps to participate into Affiliate system. For your convenient, we dived steps into Three phase. First phase is consist of creating account and generating Affiliate Link. And Second phase consist of use of Affiliate link and Last Phase will show you how to get report of your hard work that is how many members are joined and how many members are verified and most important "Money you earned" :) So lets start.

Here is steps of First Phase

1. You must be member of our website. If you are not member yet, please Singup to become member of our website.
2. Login into account and go to "Earn Money"
3. There you will see "Start Now" button.
4. Clicking on button will generate a link. This link is you Affiliate Link , consist of unique code on last of link.

Second Phase - Usage of Affiliate Link

1. You can use to paste generated Affiliate link to ANY Social Website
2. Forum
3. Community Building Websites
4. Blogging Websites
5. Informational Websites
6. Business Website and Other Website

Third Phase - Report Section

you can see report members and your earning. We are only pay for verified members not those who joined our website using your affiliate link and not verified their account. They must be verify their account either using email or mobile number.

1. How Many members are joined using your link
2. Verified Members Numbers
3. My Earning